The good thing about Miami is it’s not that hard to find yourself among the stars, especially in South Beach. The stars may not live here full-time, but there sure is never a lack of celebrity sightings. So if you’re looking to catch a celebrity in real life, or even the chance to mingle with the stars, here’s a few spots you should be frequenting:


Employees Only

You won't even have to leave the WPH grounds to see the stars. Our most anticipated opening of the year, Employees Only brings gastropub cuisine and prohibition style cocktails to Miami - and longtime celebrity patrons. The first to open a speakeasy in New York City, EO became a raging success practically overnight. Ten years later we're proud to host the restaurant in its second American home, as well as its A-list diners.


Joe’s Stone Crab

Celebrity or not, this is place you should be frequenting in-season. Joe’s has some of the best crab legs you’ll have in your life. However, when you do go to Joe’s, be on the lookout. This South Beach classic draws superstars like Madonna and presidents like George H.W. Bush. And considering it’s only open 6 months out the the year, that means you have a better chance, right?



LIV is almost always a sure bet for sighting a celebrity. This mega club is constantly hosting celebrity DJ sets - think Rick Ross, Justin Beiber, Drake, and The Weeknd. Even if there’s not a celebrity DJ or artist performing (which there often is), you can still find celebrities here when they want to get lit. And when there is someone famous performing, expect to spot their celebrity friends backstage or in the VIP.



When LIV closes for the night, the party heads downtown- and the celebrities with it. Miami’s 24-hour club, E11EVEN has been known to cater to the after-hours needs of Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj. There’s also cabaret, which is just a glamorous way of saying...strippers.  After all, this is Miami. Clothing has always been optional.


Prime 112

Another popular celebrity haunt is the steakhouse Prime 112. A longtime favorite of the Kardashians and the Miami Heat alike, Prime 112 always seems to have one celebrity or another. Even former president Bill Clinton raves about the spot -  its Cobb salad in particular. And when there’s something big going on in Miami - like Art Basel, this place is sure to be packed with the glitterati.



photo by Alejandro Chavarria, World Red Eye