Join the legion of SoBe’s beach cruisers and opt for a day outside. Navigating the streets is easy, but it’s what to pack that requires the most thought. We’re here to make sure you have the essentials.

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Now that we got your ride covered, let’s get to packing.

The Basics

Does your ID, credit card, sunglasses, and cell phone go without saying? Leave the purse in your hotel room. Remember, less is more when you’ll be on the move all day. Wear clothes that are lightweight, versatile, and easy enough to strip down to your suit if you want to jump in the water. Best to check the weather ahead of time to avoid any rainy surprises. We recommend a breathable top and shorts. Martones are the quintessential beach cruiser, so footwear isn’t a top priority. Flip flops, heels, tennis shoes - you do you.


Our Martones are equipped with a bicycle basket, but if you think you’ll need extra storage space, opt for a lightweight backpack to avoid maneuvering a bike with a tote slung on one shoulder. This is where you pack your beach gear. Remember your swimsuit, towel, and sunblock. Or leave it empty if you want to do some shopping while you buzz around Ocean Drive.


Portable snacks and water is a must. What to pack depends entirely on the length of ride you want to take. If you’re biking a quick hour-long buzz around SoBe, just grab a bottle of water and a banana to recharge. If longer, stick with one water bottle and just refill around town as you go. Slugging extra water bottles around just isn’t practical. Choose mineral-rich foods to keep your electrolytes balanced. Whole grains and trail mix are always good options, or go all out and pack a full picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Ready to hit up SoBe? Grab your gear and head to our favorite bikeable spots. Our guide to biking the South Beach Boardwalk, South Point Pier, and Ocean Drive will tell you where you need to go.

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