Now it's even easier to play around South Beach with the newest member of WPH, the Tuk Tuk.

"The Tuk Tuk?! What?" you might ask.

The Tuk Tuk is WPH's new state-of-the-art shuttle, perfect for quick trips around South Beach. Wherever in the neighborhood you want to go, WPH and the Tuk Tuk will chauffer you there and pick you up, too. Tired of walking? Or just want a ride and that sea breeze in your hair, we're on it. In the Washington Park Hotel Tuk Tuk, you're sure to get noticed.

Tour South Beach's most iconic Art Deco buildings or get dropped off at one of the neighborhood's superb restaurants. Or maybe you'd like us to pick you up after too much sun (or a few too many mojitos) at the beach. No worries, we've got this.

The Tuk Tuk can take your WPH friends too. If fact, we want to. With space for up to six passengers, the Tuk Tuk is one more WPH amenity making play happen.

To top it off, the eco-friendly Tuk Tuk runs on electricity. So what are you waiting for? Let WPH cart you around South Beach in the Tuk Tuk, #whereplayhappens

To get some WPH Tuk Tuk time stop by the front desk or call (305) 421-6265, if you're already out. Our Tuk Tuk taxis within a 10-minute radius of WPH.