There’s a right and a wrong way to tan in South Beach. It’s an art. Don’t be one of the unfortunate ones who are too clueless to realize, someone who just plops their towel down wherever they find space. In South Beach you have to do it up right. At WPH, we got your covered, so you can get uncovered in style:


Step 1: Get some killer shades.

In Miami your shades are everything. They are there to make a statement. In Miami, no one’s staring at your eyes, they’re looking at your glasses. Fashionista or not, you need a good pair in Miami, with as bright as the sun shines in South Beach. That said, it’s pretty hard to go without some sunglasses, much less while tanning. So do yourself a favor and get some good ones. We recommend SEE in Lincoln Road Mall. Read about it in our SoBe shopping guide here.


Step 2: Scope out your spot at the WPH Pool

WPH isn’t just a single building, it’s an entire complex, aka a mini-resort in the heart of the city. And what brings these gorgeous Art Deco masterpieces together is the WPH pool. Set along the lush WPH lawn, our pool deck is a prime hangout spot, with games, floats, a chill playlist and of course, loads of sun - and some shade if that’s not your thing. Have a look for yourself, it’s gorgeous.


Step 3: Order a Swizzle 

Did you know that WPH has one of New York City’s premier bartenders, Danilo Bozovic, shaking and pouring some of the best cocktails in South Beach at our new bar Swizzle? Named after the Caribbean cocktail, Swizzle is the perfect accompaniment to a sun-kissed day by the WPH pool. We recommend the South Beach Swizzle, with pisco, coconut, and just a hint of white cacao. It’s art on ice.


Step 4: Soak up the sun.

In SoBe there’s never a dull moment, nor a cloud in the sky. So take your vacation to the max and soak up all the Vitamin Sea you can while you’re in town. As long as you’re with us, we’ll keep the Swizzles coming and the good tunes groovin. WPH is #whereplayhappens.


Step 5: Don’t forget your skin

As much as you love the sun, don’t damage your pretty little skin. Make sure to lather yourself with our exclusive ultra-moisturizing sunblock from Beekman 1802. The new-wave farm-to-market, Beekman 1802 are top of the line - and their goat milk soaps, lotions and all-new sunscreen are where it’s at. And Beekman 1802 is at WPH.