If you haven’t been to EO Miami on a Sunday, you need to be. Every Sunday night starting at 11:30 p.m. it’s EO Silky Sundays, with MC and entertainer extraordinaire, LaDonna Sucia, our favorite drag queen in all of Miami.

Get dressed up in your favorite silk pajamas (we will be too!) and eat and drink with us while Sucia hosts the festivities. Did we mention the burlesque? Silky Sundays @ EO isn’t just silky because of our pajamas, it’s silky because we have not just one, but two different burlesque shows.

Even if you’re not looking to bare all, this is the work of EO and WPH, where you know it’s a guaranteed good party. Expect your favorite dance tunes, the best cocktails and dishes in all of Miami Beach and maybe even some dancing on the bar - we’re pretty sure Sucia will be up there. Make sure to stay late to see Sucia do a special performance at the end of the night to ensure you go home happy. That said, we’ll see you there.


Silky Sundays happens every Sunday at Employees Only Miami, located at the Coral House on the WPH Grounds. Silky Sundays starts at 11:30 p.m. and goes late. Join us!