While a hot & steamy climate was probably one of the reasons you booked a trip to Miami in the first place, that doesn’t deny the fact that summer temps in Miami Beach can get up there. Luckily,  Miami has  plenty of ways of managing - and still living the good life. After all, a little heat never hurt anyone, least of all your vacation at WPH.  Here are our top five ways to beat the heat in Miami: 

Lounge at the WPH Pool

The good life is at the WPH pool. With plenty of lounge chairs, palm tree shade, and ample sunshine for those who want it, the WPH Pool is the place to be on the WPH grounds, and on a hot, summer day in SoBe, it’s where you will be. The pool also has outdoor access to Swizzle, our cocktail bar featuring many frozen drinks, making it the ideal way to spend your summer day. Here you can order a swizzle and have it delivered right to your lounge chair.

Have a Signature Cocktail at Swizzle Bar

Curious as to what should you order from our very own Swizzle Bar? While these Caribbean concoctions are usually made with rum, fruit juice and crushed ice, we also have some delicious variations, thanks to the talented Danilo “Dacha” Bozovic. Spend the day by the WPH pool or stay cool indoors at the bar, with the South Beach Swizzle in hand, mixed with pisco, coconut and lime. And now that summer is well in session, keep an eye out for Swizzle’s frozens. Currently, it’s the frozen Cuba Libre, but Swizzle has been known to do banana daiquiris and frozen negronis, too. After all, Swizzle + the WPH Pool = pure summer happiness. Order the Washington Park Burger to go with your swizzle. It’s delish. 

Shopping @ Lincoln Road Mall

Air-conditioning is always a good solution to the summer heat. Shopping is a better one. Luckily WPH is just down the road from SoBe’s shopping mecca, Lincoln Road Mall. Here you can peruse your favorite stores with everything from H&M to Madewell and 7 for All Mankind and absorb the ice-cold air-condition at the same time. It’s a win-win.  

Spend the Day at the Beach

This may seem obvious, but with as many things as there are to do in Miami this summer, the beach can get overlooked. When it comes time to really cool down, here’s nothing like that ocean breeze to cool you down or dip in the waves for just the right dose of vitamin sea. The best part? WPH is just a 5-minute walk to and from from the beach or arrive in style using our WPH Tuk Tuk Shuttle.

Go for an ice cream

Here’s a little unknown fact about Miami - it has some of the best ice cream in the country. Whether you’re looking for gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, Cuban ice cream, or just plain ol’ vanilla, Miami has it - and it’s good. For some delicious ice cream recommendations in SoBe and on the mainland, check out our recent blog post and get to treating yourself.  


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