Miami may be famous for sunbathing, swimming and sipping cocktails, but that doesn't mean we don’t know how to get our adrenaline pumping. Miami has more than a few spots to satisfy the most daring thrillseekers. Think flying round corners in a charged up supercar, skydiving over miles of gorgeous shoreline or springing up over the water on a jet-powered flyboard. We know how to do extreme.

Ready to get your heart pumping? Don’t miss these extreme attractions for Miami thrillseekers.

Speed like a Supercar Junkie

Suit up and take the wheel like a professional racecar driver. This 2.5 hour racing experience is sure to give you that adrenaline high you’ve been craving. You’ll take charge of two different racecars of your selection, choose between the stunning Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430 and the Audi R8. Kick it into high gear and race laps at speeds of up to 135 mph. Learn tricks and safety tips from professional drivers to keep you on track. If you’re not a lover of high speeds, top racecars and living on the edge, this is not for you. Check out the details and book your ride.

Free Fall over the Shimmering Shoreline

Adrenaline junkies looking to take the ultimate plunge can’t go past the thrill of a tandem skydive over Miami’s city and shimmering shoreline. It’s the experience of a lifetime. The ultimate buzz brought on by a 60-second free fall at of speeds reaching 120 mph, followed by a rewarding cruisy float down with beach panoramas. Don’t worry if you are not an experienced skydiver. Take the leap. Harnessed to a qualified instructor you’ll get the ultimate aerial adventure. Gain a great sense of pride and accomplishment that only comes with your first skydive. What are you waiting for sign up now!

Surf the Sky: The Ultimate Flyboard Thrill

We cannot begin to describe how awesome this is! There is something special about the thrill brought on from having a jetpack strapped to your feet. Feel the power of a water-powered flyboard as you are propelled off the ocean surface into the sky. Iron Man style! Try to keep your balance as you surf the sky and try some tricks. Our tip is to bring a towel as the flyboard is sure to send you diving into the water. Extreme flyboard thrills are available everyday on South Beach, just a short walk from WPH! Get all the details.

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