Summer’s nearly here! The season that sees SoBe shine. And there is no place better to be than the beach. If you’re serious about looking your best, it’s time to get your health kick on. With a little discipline, a healthy diet and a great workout plan a summer beach bod can be all yours.

Chips, cakes, and pizzas: Out. Beets, bananas, kale, tomatoes and broccoli: In. Fruits and, more importantly vegetables will help you avoid the same gut you are losing when doing cardio. Don’t starve yourself, eat healthy, drink lots of water and get those trainers on!

WPH has the workouts you need to strut into summer with a body built to be seen.  

Get a SoBe bikini body with this 3-week plan

It takes about three weeks to adapt to a new routine. Get a that hot bikini body ready for summer, by giving your muscles a shock. When your body is challenged, you burn more calories and speed up your metabolism. Women’s Health mag has put together the perfect routine to burn fat and build lean muscle with this 8-exercise plan you can easily do with some dumbbells at home. Check it out here.

Guys 4-week routine for a shredded summer bod

This one is for the guys. Give yourself one-month to beef up your bod with this workout plan and you’ll be ready to hit the beach. This work out blends strength exercises with intense set and reps to help you gain muscle while you melt fat. Follow the Muscle and Fitness four-week plan here. Beautifully set out the page has each day worked out for you with motion graphic demonstrations of the exercises.

Sexier by summer 12-week beach body plan

 Commit yourself to tone up and drop the pounds by taking on this 15 minutes a day exercise plan for 12 weeks. The program is based on a series of short burst training (SBT), focusing on the use of short 30- to 60-second routines of high-intensity protocols that are followed by less intense exercises. Created by Jay Cardiello the editor-at-large of SHAPE magazine this is the best routine for those of you without much time to spare. Check it out here.
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