How we love us some cocktails from Swizzle. Created by mastermind and bartender extraordinaire Danilo “Dacha” Bozovic, Swizzle is a nod to Bermuda’s national drink and the perfect accompaniment to a day (and night) in the tropics. Swizzled with a swizzle stick (traditionally a tree branch) and topped with crushed ice, our swizzles are refreshing, colorful, and strong. Here are three that you must try on your next visit:


South Beach Swizzle

Our signature drink and a personal favorite of Bozovic, the South Beach Swizzle mixes pisco and fresh coconut, along with lime, white creme de cacao and Angostura bitters for the perfect refresher to a hot and steamy SoBe day. In fact, the South Beach Swizzle goes especially well with an afternoon by the WPH pool. This is one drink you’ll want to have on refill.


Pretty Mama Swizzle

Another favorite of ours here at WPH, you might remember the Pretty Mama Swizzle from our Pride celebrations last month. This was the drink we were featuring all Pride weekend. Made with Aylesbury Duck Vodka and pureed blackberries, Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, lime juice and Angostura bitters, the Pretty Mama Swizzle packs a sweet and fruity punch that you won’t feel until you stand up.


Rhum Swizzle

If you consider yourself an alcohol connoisseur, this is one swizzle you need to try. Made with Rhum Clement, the Rhum Swizzle utilizes a special type of rum, rhum agricole - which is made with fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, and not molasses like most other rums. This rhum’s floral and fruity flavor makes for an excellent compliment to the watermelon shrub, lime and ginger ale that go in the Rhum Swizzle.


Ready for a swizzle? Swizzle Bar is open daily from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. at WPH. Make sure to check for the daily $7 Swizzle Specials before 7 p.m.